James Jordan

VBH Board Member since 2014

James R. Jordan has been the EVP of Operations for the Bobcats/Hornets since November 2013 after serving as an advisor to the Chairman’s support team since 2010. Prior to coming to the Hornets, James was Director of Operations and Administration for the EPS Corporation, Field Service Company located in Fayetteville, North Carolina from September 2006 -November 2013.

Jordan retired from the United States Army in September 2006 after 31 years of service as soldier, leader and manager. He served as the 35th Signal Brigade Airborne Command Sergeants Major from 2002-2006 as a part of 18th Airborne Corps Task Force supporting Combat Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. While deployed he was the Senior Signal Enlisted Manager of a Signal Task Force that reached over of 3,600 soldiers and Contractors spanning throughout both countries.

Jordan also served at Fort Bragg from August 1993-February 2002 as the 327th Airborne Signal Battalion Command Sergeants Major and as Bravo Company 327th First Sergeant within the 35th Signal Brigade Airborne, where he was selected to lead an Airborne Signal Task Force that supported a 1,500-person Task Force of soldiers and contractors during Operations Restore Hope in Haiti. James was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Service in Afghanistan and the Legion Of Merit Award for 31 years of military service.