Serving Veterans by providing connections with employers and educating employers on Veteran issues.

Veterans Bridge Home strengthens the local work force by focusing on educating and connecting employers and Veterans. VBH works directly with local employers by identifying how their companies can strengthen their unique Veteran employment initiatives to successfully recruit, hire, onboard and retain Veterans.

VBH also provides the organizational support and leadership for a local employment alliance of HR professionals from over 50+ companies that collaborate and share best practices in order to focus employers across the community on building successful Veteran hiring practices. The Charlotte Alliance for Veteran Employment (CAVE) is a community-wide employer network which acts as a forum for employers to share successes/challenges in Veteran hiring and employment and also helps develop standards for Veteran transition support in the workplace (e.g. best practices/tips for recruiters, managers and Veterans). Lastly, this effort has also created a Veteran talent pipeline, connecting employers to qualified best-fit candidates who have completed the employment readiness program at VBH.

CAVE is meant to convene business leaders and HR professionals who want to learn how to improve their company’s Veteran hiring and build of network of like-minded peers. The Alliance will leverage the commitment and interest of employers to recruit, hire and retain Veterans by collectively raising community awareness, increasing the number of Veterans successfully employed and publicizing the collective outcomes. CAVE was formed as a result of the 2012 report, “Coming Home: Support for Returning Veterans in Charlotte-Mecklenburg” research commissioned by FFTC Robinson Center for Civic Leadership. That report confirmed national data that employment is the biggest need for our returning service members as well as for Veterans already in our community. Recent Veterans have an unemployment rate that is significantly above the national average for non-Veterans.

SERVICES FOR EMPLOYERS – VBH connects and educates HR professionals to improve Veteran employment through:

  • Access to Veterans seeking employment that have connected to VBH through our extensive outreach effort.
  • Referrals of Veterans who match qualifications required by specific job opportunities.
  • Assessment tool to help determine steps for developing a successful hiring/retention program or improve existing.
  • Access to best practices information on Veteran recruitment and employment at Alliance meetings and Toolkit.